Where We Are Headed What are we to do in times like these? How should we go on? …..

Where We Are Headed

What are we to do in times like these? How should we go on?
We could run through. Dare we look?
We could keep our eyes to the ground and narrow our field of vision.
Should we squint and shaking our heads from side to side, make a head-long dash for it?
Should we stand unmoving and face what comes with an unwavering gaze?

We, who never stopping, pretend not to have seen and run right past; what fear has moved us?
Through some last remaining flicker of awareness, we sense that if we stop we will have no choice
but to hear the screams that relentlessly pierce our hearts.

This photographer is drawn to the cries of what we cannot bear.
He meets the gaze of what we so desperately try to avoid. From what unvoiced reality do we cover our ears and run,
as his collection silently speaks to the screams of unbearable pressure?
Is it the maze of far too many human-quarters chaotically crowded together?

There is that which we mistakenly believed to be the past and begotten heirlooms.
We persist in seeing things that way, and they respond with echoes of the screams of the present.
Fresh wounds ripped across the good earth, flora scarred for life; what screams and laments of the forsaken never reach our ears?

Outside the system, those who drift between loneliness and isolation, cry in their own unheard tones.
Are these laments on empty rationalization? On falsehearted lifestyles? At times like these the pain never recedes.

This collection noiselessly peels back oversight to reveal the times in which we now live.
It enquires as to where we are headed.

Hironori Naito, Playwright
Translator : Wanda Miyata






劇作家 内藤 裕敬